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Why create a Mass, Scripture, and Prayer Journal?

To help us combat all the distractions that interfere with God’s tugs on our hearts.  A journal can help you pray, take note of what is God is trying to tell you, and then continue reflecting on it.

We are always writing things down to listen and remember.  Why should it be any different when it comes to our faith.  

The Mass is the primary way we Catholics worship and it is the Greatest Prayer. It might feel weird or awkward taking a journal to church, but it will help you be active and present during Mass. You can start by writing down a verse that sticks out from the Liturgy of the Word or taking notes and write down questions from the homily so you can reflect on it later.  A Mass journal will help you get more out of Mass and help you to pay attention.  It will help deepen your prayer life and make Sundays more sacred.

Do you have trouble connecting with the word of God? Are you seeking to have a deeper relationship with the scripture and applying the principles of the word into your life? Or maybe you are one of those people who love to scribble little notes, drawings, and prayers for yourself as you meditate on the word. If any of these questions or statements apply to you then what you might need to help heighten the experience of studying scripture is using a Scripture/Bible journal.  Keeping a bible/scripture journal will help you to pause and really reflect on the Word of God to better understand what you want from your relationship with God and life.

Do you struggle to pray regularly?  Do you struggle in believing God is listening or that your prayers are working? Keeping a prayer journal may help.  It may also help you by getting into a routine to pray regularly.  Prayer is a conversation with God.  If we do not talk to him how can we say we have relationship with him.

There are many options available to purchase journals at Amazon or a bookstore and they even sell journaling Bibles but we can also create one of our own.


Getting Started……


Items needed

  • Binder

  • Loose Leaf Paper

  • Blank Paper for drawing and doodling

  • Pre-Printed Journal Pages (Easier to begin when you have a place to start)​

    • Download the PDF's to the right​


Start simple by creating one journal for the family. 

  • Choose a binder. 

  • Decorate your cover if you wish. 

  • Fill it with some empty pages for writing down your thoughts or doodling. 

  • Find some pre-printed journal pages that you like to help you get started.

    • You can find some on our Faith Formation Website at

    • Do a google search or check out Pinterest

  • You may also want to make dividers so each member of the family may have their own tab.



The key is to create it and use it.  We hope you give journaling a chance.

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